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אזהרה לציבור מאירגון יד לאחים על פעילות מיסיונרית הטפה לילדים / Warning from Yad LeAchim about Missionary Activity Targeting Children

ד׳ סיון תשפ״ד

English below.

מיסיונרים עושים את מה שמיסינרים עושים. אף יהודי לא מתפלא מזה.
הרבה יותר חשוב לשאול למה יש יהודים שמאפשרים למיסיונרים.

למה היה לרה״מ נתניהו מנהל תקשורת חברתית יהודי ״משיחי״? למה רה״מ הגיע לחתונה שלו? למה קריס מיטשל, ראש לשכת המזרח התיכון של CBN גם הגיע לחתונה הזו?

למה ממשלת ישראל מממנת תכניות חינוכיות מסופקות על ידי מיסיונרים כגון הת׳ר ג׳ונסון?

למה מאשרים לנוצרים מארה״ב להתישב בארץ?

למה יש רבנים שאומרים שהנוצרים האלה מתפללים לאלוהים בשיתוף יש״ו למרות שהם עצמם מודים ומתוודים שהם לא מתפללים לאלוהים בשיתוף אלא מתפללים ישירות ליש״ו?

למה רבנים אומרים שהנוצרים האלה מתפללים לאלוהים בשיתוף יש״ו למרות שהנוצרים עצמם טוענים שהוא היה ועוד יהיה התגלמותו הגופנית של אלוהים בעולם הזה?

למה מתעלמים מהאזהרות מרבני אתיופיה שמיסיונרים רודפים אחרי יהודי אתיופיה? למה דתיים לאומיים נפגשו עם אחד הרודפים האלה?

Yad LeAchim
Not giving up on any Jew

Warning to Parents about our Children

The Yad LeAchim Organization would like to inform the public that the children's Bible videos of the 'Superbook' company, (which appear on the website and on the YouTube channel) are a project of the Christian Broadcasting Network [CBN]. On the company's website and in videos in foreign languages, the company claims that its goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus.

Google translation from the Superbook website: "Teaching children eternal life lessons through the adventures of two time-traveling children, and their fascinating stories are based on the Bible. Superbook is the Bible brought to life through animation, to introduce children to Jesus and help develop their faith."

One of the main themes of the company is preaching to children. The CBN website says in reference to 'Superbook' that "its purpose is to bring the word of God and the gospel of salvation to children at a young age... Superbook shares the message of Jesus with a captivating 3D animated series of Bible stories."

Superbook brings chapters from the "New" (ie. Christian) Testament and missionary preaching in foreign languages. According to them, they provide "a digital service to share the gospel of Jesus in several languages, a community of prayer (virtual church), and providing online tools to students through videos and more." In the company's films in Hebrew, the missionaries' messages are not noticeable, but a discerning viewer can see, for example, that the characters, the angel fighting Jacob, is defined as God and appears in a figure that is very similar to the way in which the figure of Jesus is described and drawn, and other subtle nuances that indicate that the content is not derived from Judaism.

We wish to inform parents that the captivating films, even if their missionary content is not as evident as it is evident in the society's films in foreign languages, are produced, marketed and commissioned by a declared Christian missionary company whose entire purpose is "to know Jesus and bring the gospel of salvation to children at a young age ".

Let your communities know and be careful!

Missionaries do what missionaries do. No Jew should be surprised by this.

It is much more important to ask why there are Jews who enable the missionaries. Why did Prime Minister Netanyahu have a "Messianic" Jewish social media manager? Why did the Prime Minister go to his wedding? Why did Chris Mitchell, CBN's Middle East bureau chief also go to this wedding?

Why does the Israeli government fund educational programs designed and provided by missionaries such as Heather Johnson?

Why are Christians from the US allowed to settle in Israel?

Why do rabbis say that these Christians pray to God with Yoshke as an intercessor, even though they themselves admit that they do not pray to God through Yoshke, but instead pray directly to Yoshke?

Why do rabbis say that these Christians pray to God with Yoshke as an intercessor, even though these Christians themselves claim that Yoshke was and will be the physical embodiment of God in this world?

Why are warnings being ignored from Ethiopian rabbis that missionaries are targeting Ethiopian Jews?

Why have religious Zionists met with one of those targeting them?

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